Voices and Ideas

  • Human Behavior and Its Biological Roots

    Primatologist Robert M. Sapolsky (ΦBK, Harvard College, 1978) works to uncover the biological explanations behind many of the daily challenges facing modern humans.

  • Meet the New Associate Secretary

    This March, Eva Orlebeke Caldera (ΦBK, Harvard College, 1985) joined the staff as the new Associate Secretary/COO of the Society.

  • Former ΦBK Senator Kurt Olsson

    Kurt Olsson, retired Dean and Professor of English at University of Idaho, passed away on February 26. He served on the ΦBK Senate from 2000 to 2009.

  • On the Road with Phi Beta Kappa

    When Fred Lawrence started as ΦBK’s Secretary/CEO last summer, he set a goal to visit as many chapters and associations as possible. So far, he has visited nearly 50.

  • Meet Our 2017-2018 Visiting Scholars

    ΦBK’s Visiting Scholars travel to more than 100 colleges and universities each year, spending two days on campus and taking part in the academic life of the institution.

  • The Birth of a Movement

    A new documentary features William M. Trotter (ΦBK, Harvard University, 1895) and the resistance he led against W.D. Griffith's 1915 epic film The Birth of a Nation.