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    We are taught by great actions that the universe is the property of every individual in it. —Ralph Waldo Emerson (ΦBK, Harvard University, 1828)

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  • Alan Schwartz

    (ΦBK, University of California-Berkeley, 1991)

    The book Listening for What Matters: Avoiding Contextual Errors in Health Care (Oxford University Press, 2016) by Saul J. Weiner and Alan Schwartz received the 2017 PROSE Award for Excellence in the Biological & Life Sciences, recognizing the best book published in the area in 2016. It also received the PROSE subject category award in Nursing & Allied Health. The PROSE Awards are given annually by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the American Association of Publishers.

    Posted On: 2/15/2017

  • In Memoriam

    Haig Khatchadourian

    (ΦBK, Duke University, 1956)

     Haig Khatchadourian, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, died on February 16, 2016 in Milwaukee. He was preceded in death by Arpiné Khatchadourian (Nee Yaghlian), his wife of 61 years. He is survived by children Apraham (Susan), Vicken, Sonia, grandchildren Eric and Marc, relatives and friends throughout the US and abroad. He was born in the Old City of Jerusalem, Palestine and was educated at the American University of Beirut (BA with Honors, 1948; MA, 1950) and Duke University (PhD, 1956). He taught at the American University of Beirut (1948-49, 1956-68); Melkonian Educational Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus (1950-51); Haigazian University, Beirut (1951-52); University of Southern California (1968-69); and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1967-68,1969-94). He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Hawaii-Manoa (1976-77) and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque (1978-79). His areas of specialization included: aesthetics and philosophy of the arts, ethics, philosophy of language, political philosophy, and social philosophy, among others. He received numerous honors and awards, including Outstanding Educators of America Award, 2000; Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century; and 2000 Outstanding Academics of the 21st Century. He was a member of learned societies, presented papers at international conferences (1958-2007), and published 19 books, including three books of poetry and one play, as well as 130 articles (1961-2015). His most recent book, How To Do Things With Silence, was published by DeGruyter in the fall of 2015. At the time of his death, he was working on several other books, including his autobiography, Leaves From A Life, and World Tragedies: Visions of the Protagonist. Khatchadourian was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Duke University in 1956 and was a charter member of the Eta of Wisconsin chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. 

    Posted On: 2/13/2017

  • In Memoriam

    Margaret Alice Fortmann

    (ΦBK, Syracuse University, 1944)

     Margaret Alice Fortmann (Head, Davis) passed away peacefully on December 18th at the Atrium in Park Ridge at the age of 93. Margaret was born August 14, 1923 in Frankfort, New York. She was predeceased by her parents, James and Abigail Davis also of Frankfort, husband Richard Head and husband Bernhard Fortmann. She is survived by her sons Peter (Donna) Head of Brockport, New York and Jeremy (Patricia) Head of Wantage, New Jersey. She is also survived by four grandchildren, Melissa Head (Joe Welch) of Fairbanks, Alaska; Kevin Head of Brockport, New York; Jeremy Head (fiancé Ashley Jackson) of Wantage, New Jersey; and Kyle Head of Hollywood, California. Margaret was a retired teacher in the Park Ridge, New Jersey school district and was a devoted parishioner of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Montvale, New Jersey. She was also a proud member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society from the time of her graduation from Syracuse University. 

    Posted On: 1/9/2017

  • Virginia Howard

    (ΦBK, University of Alabama, 1964)

    Virginia Howard is the editor of THEMA, a theme-related journal with three goals. One is to provide a stimulating forum for established and emerging literary and visual artists. The second is to serve as source material and inspiration for teachers of creative writing. The third is to provide readers with a unique and entertaining collection of stories, poems, art and photography. Learn more about THEMA and how to submit your work on the journal's website at

    Posted On: 10/21/2016

  • Robert B. Davis II

    (ΦBK, University of Redlands, 2016)

    Philosopher and author Robert B. Davis II has launched a new website,, to share his views through posted essays and to provide links to buy or download his books. The site also features videos, cartoons and doodles, rhymes, and the author’s recommended reading. 

    Posted On: 8/17/2016

  • Abby Vegas

    (ΦBK, Carnegie Mellon University, 1995)

    Abby Vegas (ΦBK, Carnegie Mellon University, 1995) has published her debut novel, a women's fiction/romantic-suspense crossover entitled Clean Break. The "Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews" blog praised Clean Break as "a heartwarming, at times funny journey," adding: "If there was an award for breakthrough author, I would nominate Abby Vegas. I truly believe she is one to watch in the future!" 

    Posted On: 5/3/2016

  • William E. Winter

    (ΦBK, University of Illinois, 1942)

    William C. Winter shared with us two wonderful memories of his father, William E. Winter (left) — both father and son, it seems, cherished their memory of Phi Beta Kappa.

    "He was inducted into Gamma of Illinois at the University of Illinois on December 8, 1941," William writes. "And for as long as my brother and I can remember, his ΦBK certificate was displayed on a wall of his home."

    "My earliest 'recognition' of my father's honor came when I was in the second grade," he recalls. "I was having trouble with penmanship, and I was getting low marks for my cramped style. My mother, also a teacher, was not an argumentative type, but something about the 'problem' bothered her. She told me that my handwriting was much like my father's...and he was a Phi Beta Kappa. I wasn't sure what that meant, so I asked her to write it on a card so that I could remember."

    ΦBK member William E. Winter was the former chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the Seven-Up Company. He led the development of the famous “Uncola” advertising campaign and pioneered corporate sponsorship of humanitarian causes. 

    Posted On: 3/24/2016

  • Anna Olswanger

    (ΦBK, Rhodes College, 1975)

    After graduation from Rhodes College, Anna Olswanger wrote Greenhorn, a children's novel about a young Holocaust survivor who arrived at a Brooklyn yeshiva in the 1940s with only a small box that he wouldn't let out of his sight. The book was based on a true story she heard from the rabbi of her synagogue. Greenhorn was published in 2012. Last year Anna co-produced an indie film adaptation of the book. Greenhorn premiered at the Landmark NuArt Theatre in L.A. and at The Museum of Tolerance in New York. It was named the 2015 Audience Award Winner for Best Short Film Drama at the Morris and Mollye Fogelman International Jewish Film Festival in Memphis, and aired on Memphis public television station WKNO last April and this past October. It screened again at The Museum of Tolerance in New York as part of the museum's Holocaust Remembrance Day observance, and on Kentucky Public Television. It was also part of last month's Festival Internacional De Cine Judio en Mexico. The film is distributed by TMW Media.

    Posted On: 2/1/2016

  • Daniel Scott

    (ΦBK, CUNY City College, 1994)

    Daniel Scott’s newly released novel, Valedictory, is set at a university in New York in the 1980s during a student takeover that shuts down the campus, and it focuses on the struggles of Earl Castle, the university’s would-be valedictorian. The book is partly based on Scott’s experiences as a student at the City College of New York, where he was valedictorian of the class of 1994. Scott is the author of two previous books of fiction, Some of Us Have to Get Up in the Morning (2001) and Pay This Amount (2008). He is also the recipient of various grants and fellowships from sources such as the Christopher Isherwood Foundation, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the MacDowell Colony.

    Posted On: 1/28/2016

  • Linda S. Campanella

    (ΦBK, Amherst College, 1980)

    Linda Campanella, who was a German major at Amherst College, describes herself as “a walking advertisement for the value of a liberal arts degree.” She is an award-winning author and a Connecticut-based management consultant serving nonprofit organizations of all sizes and missions. Previously she has worked as a corporate executive, a college administrator, and a trade negotiator. Her 2011 book When All That’s Left of Me Is Love was a 2013 Indie Excellence Book Awards finalist, 2012 Nautilus Book Award silver medalist, 2012 Living Now Book Awards gold medalist, 2012 Readers Favorite silver medalist, and 2011 ReaderViews Literary Awards first-place winner in two categories: memoir/autobiography/biography and parenting/families/relationships. The book is a memoir of her last year with her terminally ill mother.

    Posted On: 1/28/2016

  • Gregg Hurwitz

    (ΦBK, Harvard University, 1995)

    Gregg Hurwitz is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 thrillers, including They’re Watching, Trust No One, The Crime Writer and Troubleshooter. His latest book, the start of a new thriller series, is ORPHAN X. It has already been sold in 18 languages and optioned by Warner Brothers for Bradley Cooper. Hurwitz tells us that he is currently touring and writing the screenplay adaptation.

    Posted On: 1/13/2016

  • James Earl Cox III

    (ΦBK, Miami University, 2014)

    Temporality, a video game developed by ΦBK member James Cox, is one of the jury selections in the entertainment division at the Japan Media Arts Festival this year. The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts (=Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media—from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: art, entertainment, animation, and manga. 

    Posted On: 12/14/2015

  • Nyri Achadjian

    (ΦBK, University of Southern California, 2014)

    Nyri Achadjian began her career working for Oracle, but was soon hired to lead the business development team for a San Francisco start-up called Discotech–a reservation system for nightlife. However, while working on the campaign staff for California Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (her father) in his current bid for U.S. Congress, Nyri has started to see her career path as more of an open field and less of a linear plan. “I find myself charged with adrenaline as I am tasked with work I have never touched, never studied in school, like speech writing and voter relations” she says. “The adrenaline might be coming from my father being the candidate, but it’s a very good feeling to actually learn through your work.” Nyri adds: “It’s this on-going intellectual growth, the fearlessness of new perspectives, that I think is critical. Eager fearlessness to learn—I think that’s the key right there.”

    Posted On: 12/14/2015

  • Katherine L. Morse

    (ΦBK, University of Arizona, 1983)

    When she's not developing open, international standards for simulation interoperability, Katherine L. Morse writes steampunk adventure fiction with her husband, David L. Drake. The Adventures of Drake & McTrowell currently comprises four full adventures with a fifth in the works. An illustrated, hardcover edition of their first adventure, London, Where It All Began is available. 

    Posted On: 12/1/2015

  • Kate Deimling

    (ΦBK, University of Chicago, 1993)

    Kate Deimling's translation of Vino Business: The Cloudy World of French Wine, an exposé of the French wine industry by journalist Isabelle Saporta, was recently published by Grove Atlantic. In its review, Publishers Weekly says "Saporta's precision in identifying her targets and laying out supporting evidence adds drama to an already-melodramatic saga, and teetotalers and oenophiles alike will find it hard to resist." In addition to translating, Deimling is also the New York correspondent for the French art newspaper Le Journal des Arts

    Posted On: 12/1/2015

  • Pearl R. Schwartzberg Hochstadt

    (ΦBK, Cornell University, 1952)

    After her retirement, Pearl R. Schwartzberg Hochstadt spent more than a dozen years composing rhymed translations of all twelve books of the Fables of Jean de La Fontaine. She received very positive responses to her work, including a description of it as "witty, modern, and faithful" by Thalia Pandiri, the Editor of Metamorphoses, the journal of the five college faculty seminar on literary translation, and eventually decided to have it published. This fall, The Fables of La Fontaine:  Books I-VI, newly translated by Pearl Hochstadt, became available for purchase at or

    Posted On: 12/1/2015

  • Geri (Geraldine) Giebel Chavis

    (ΦBK, City College of New York, 1967)

    Geri Chavis is an active as a faculty member on the Phi Beta Kappa committee of St. Catherine University where she has been teaching English literature and Biblio/Poetry Therapy for the last thirty-seven years. She also has been a leader of the poetry therapy movement for the past thirty years.

    Her latest book is entitled Poetry and Story Therapy: The Healing Power of Creative Expression, published by Jessica Kingsley of London and Philadelphia. Last month, Jessica Kingsley Publishers released Creative Arts Therapies and Clients with Eating Disorders, in which Chavis has written the chapter on the use of poetry therapy.

    In September 2011, Chavis won her university's most prestigious award, the Bonnie Jean Kelly and Joan Kelly Faculty Excellence Award. Chavis will be the next President of the National Association for Poetry Therapy after the organization’s Board of Directors meeting in April of 2016.

    Posted On: 11/24/2015

  • Amy Kohn

    (ΦBK, Stanford University, 1995)

    Emmy Award winning television producer Amy Kohn is proud to announce the launch of her film A Courtship, a documentary about Christian arranged marriage. Premiering at the Tribeca Film festival and winning best documentary at the Buffalo International Film Festival, the film is now being distributed by Gravitas Ventures on VOD nationwide and by Passion River Films for educational and home video. The film can be found most easily on iTunes but is available on many Internet and television platforms. For more information, please visit the film's website

    Posted On: 11/24/2015

  • Cody Lawrence

    (ΦBK, University of Southern California, 2015)

    Recent USC film school grad Cody Lawrence is making his directoral debut with a sci-fi short film Spectrographs and Soliloquies. The film centers on an astronomer whose life comes crashing down when he detects an anomaly in the sky. Coproduced by Madeline Kushner and Marlene Rios, the film’s growing crew currently incudes local L.A. composer Aaron Provisor and two-time Emmy award-winning costume designer Mary Iannelli. Fans and backers can visit Spectrographs on Kickstarter to fund the project or on Twitter, Instagram (both @spectromovie), and Facebook ( to keep up with the latest production updates and information about how they can help Spectrographs make the jump from page to screen.

    Posted On: 9/17/2015

  • Svetlana Alpers

    (ΦBK, Harvard-Radcliffe, 1957)

    Art historian and long-time book critic for The Key Reporter, Svetlana Alpers received an honorary Doctor of Arts from Harvard University during their 2015 May commencement. We are also pleased to note that the French journal Le Monde Livres published a fine review of her most recent book Roof Life (Yale University Press, 2013) which was released in French as Tuilages this past April. 

    Posted On: 8/26/2015

  • Noël Valis

    (ΦBK, Douglass College-Rutgers, 1968)

    Phi Beta Kappa is pleased to report that Noël Valis' novella, The Labor of Longing, was published in late November 2014, and it was a Finalist for the Prize Americana for Prose. Valis is a professor of Spanish at Yale University. Her research interests are centered on modern Spanish literature, culture, and history, with books on realist novelists, women writers, the Spanish Civil War, bad taste and class in modern Spain, and religion and literature.

    Posted On: 2/12/2015

  • Scott Samuelson

    (ΦBK, Grinnell College, 1995)

    Scott Samuelson, author of The Deepest Human Life: An Introduction to Philosophy for Everyone (University of Chicago Press, 2014), gave a lecture at Rhodes College on “The Deep Value of the Liberal Arts," January 15, 2015. The program was sponsored, in part, by the Teagle Foundation. The lecture was recorded and can be viewed here: Samuelson earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Emory University. He lives in Iowa City, Iowa, where he teaches philosophy at Kirkwood Community College and is a movie reviewer, television host, and sous-chef at a French restaurant.

    Posted On: 1/28/2015

  • John Giordano 

    (ΦBK, Villanova University, 1998)

    John Giordano was recently named one of NJBIZ magazine’s “Forty Under 40,” an award that honors New Jersey's most accomplished businessmen and women under the age of 40 who are making headlines in their field and who share a commitment to business growth, professional excellence and their community. Giordano currently serves in the Chris Christie administration as the Assistant Commissioner for Compliance and Enforcement at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. In this capacity, he leads the Compliance and Enforcement division in its mission to uphold federal and state environmental and natural resource laws and regulations.

    Posted On: 8/26/2014

  • Benjamin Cates Clark, Jr. 

    (ΦBK, Duke University, 1962)

    Benjamin Cates Clark, Jr., of Atlanta, Georgia, has published an article in Tennessee Ancestors entitled "Cherokees, Roads and Land: The Early History of the Niles Ferry." For about a century and a half the Niles Ferry, which crossed the Little Tennessee River where Highway 411 crosses Tellico Lake today, played a key role in the evolution of roads and transportation in the central and southern East Tennessee Valley, and in settlement and development there. The ferry, which was initally controlled by the Cherokee, operated from 1805 until 1947. This article focuses on the unexplored earliest history of the Niles Ferry (until 1835).The most complete and in-depth history of an early East Tennessee ferry and the roads it served is presented. The journal article was published earlier this year by the Tennessee Historical Society.

    Posted On: 8/19/2014

  • Deborah Prum

    (ΦBK, University of Connecticut, 1973)

    Back Talking on the Mountain of God, Deborah Prum’s most recent book, is an exciting and unique collaboration of six regional artists who have created a lovely, interactive poetry anthology combining words, images, and sounds in a multi-sensory iBook. As editor, Deborah collected the poems and gave them to a photographer. The photographer read each poem, noted what the poem evoked in him,  then paired it with an image. The Piedmont Councils for the Arts, sponsored a book launch at CitySpace, a gallery in downtown Charlottesville, North Carolina.  Area newspapers CVILLE WEEKLY and DAILY PROGRESS wrote about the iBook and the launch.

    Posted On: 7/21/2014